What are Newsgroups?


A newsgroup is a continuous public discussion about a particular topic. You can join a newsgroup at any time to become part of a huge conversation between hundreds or even thousands of people. There are literally thousands of newsgroups covering every topic imaginable--from computers, social issues, literature and science, to recreation, entertainment, hobbies and current affairs. In newsgroups you can find job postings, business and health care advice, announcements about events, referrals, political and religious discussions--even photos you can download. Now, the resources (and tips) for accessing and posting to the news groups themselves. Get a program dedicated just to accessing news groups. One of the best is a freeware program called Forte Agent. You can download it from here: www.forteinc.com. After you download it, just follow the instructions on how to use it. We use and recommend Giganews (www.giganews.com?c=gn67454). Giganews newsgroups provide the fastest, most reliable USENET experience on the planet and provide the highest quality newsgroup retention and completeness available.


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